Town of West Springfield
26 Central St., West Springfield, MA 01089
ph: (413) 495-1891
West Springfield Police Department
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26 Central Street, Ste 22 
West Springfield ,MA 01089 
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Welcome to the West Springfield Police Department website.  The purpose of this site and its links is to provide site visitors an overview of the West Springfield Police Department and its activities.  We welcome comments and suggestions that will make this website a viable resource in effectively providing police services for the Town of West Springfield.

The city, known as the Town of West Springfield, is an area of 17 square miles located at the crossroads of New England with a population of 28,000 residents.  It is also the home of the Eastern States Exposition or more commonly known as “The Big E”.  The Big E traditionally brings over a million plus visitors to West Springfield during its seventeen day run in September each year.  The West Springfield Police Department is a team of 80 sworn officers, 11 civilian employees and a reserve special police department of 90 members.

Community Policing is a philosophy adopted by the West Springfield Police Department that promotes organizational strategies, which support the systematic us of partnership and problem-solving techniques to proactively address the immediate conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder, and fear of crime.  The goal of the West Springfield Police Department is to involve all of the citizens of West Springfield in the control of crime, by showing the benefit of concerted action by using initiative, partnerships and prevention.

                                                                                                Chief Ronald Campurciani

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